Bigg Boss 7: Sofia and Armaan become parents

61th day of ‘Bigg Boss’ started with ‘Chota Bacha’ song and marked the morning of ‘Children’s day’. After everyone got in the living area, Pratyusha read the task of the day. According to the task, Armaan Kohli and Sophia Hayat were supposed to be parents to a naughty kid Ajaz. Soon then Ajaz received a tricycle.

Three of them amused everyone in the house by their enactment of a family. Ajaz was at his best. Armaan behaved like a responsible father. He was seen taking care of Ajaz. While Sophia was a stylish mom busy with her own makeup. Soon after that Andy plays Ajaz’s friend and start playing with him. They both share toys and play. But once Andy threw Ajaz’s doll on the floor. Ajaz cries and moved tantrums. Armaan and Sophia helped him sober down and consoled him.

Then Andy and Sophia were seen cooking in kitchen. They both were mocking Armaan as a part of the task. They went overboard and that instigated Armaan. What started as a game, turned foul and Armaan withdrew himself from the act. Gauhar and Pratyusha jumped on the situation to admonish Andy and Sophia for their irresponsible behavior.

Sophia soon went to Armaan and asked for an apology. However, during their conversation Armaan used many foul words for Andy. Sophia went and told Andy the entire version. He got very angry and he told Sangram that he was being dragged unnecessarily.

Post this, Bigg Boss called Ajaz and Sophia to inform about the completion of task. They were also asked to name two persons for the next captaincy. While Ajaz took Pratyusha’s name, Sophia took Andy’s name. Later in an open discussion housemates were asked to choose between Pratyusha and Andy.

In the evening Bigg Boss announced special awards ceremony. All were decked up nicely for the party. Kamya became the host of the evening. All the housemates were asked to fill a questionnaire and put it in their name inside a drop box. Then various awards were given. Andy gets awards for Sabse Batuni and Dogla Sadasya, Armaan bags Sabse Garam and Sabse Gaddar Sadasya. Ajaz gets an award for being the Most Bevakoof Sadasya and Sofia bags the Rotlu Award. Elli and Pratyusha also receive award for the Most Nikamma Sadasya.

With this, one more day got over at ‘Bigg Boss’.