Bigg Boss 7: Salman warns lovebirds Tanisha, Armaan

Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli’s romance is getting too hot with every passing day. The couple has changed the atmosphere of the Bigg Boss house. They are the hot topic of discussion in the house and the inmates of the house feel the two  lovebirds of the house Tanisha and Armaan is polluting the fresh air of the house with their cuddling and extra care for one another. The duo never missed any occasion to come closer to one another.  Their romance might be rising the TRPs of the show but host and actor Salman Khan is not liking the blooming love between the two.

Salman Khan warns both Tanisha and Armaan to behave properly as cameras are installed in various positions of the house and asked them not be too open in the public as it is viewed by audience all over. Tanisha and Armaan get cozy with each other, sometimes she was seen back rubbing Armaan while in various occasion Tanisha was seen protecting Armaan. They look like a couple very much in love and least bothered about what others are saying or discussing about them. They are totally involved in their own world. On Sunday episode, we saw host Salman Khan warned both Armaan and Tanisha.

Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan’s love is a past story and now Tanisha and Armaan is taking the lead spicing up the show with their budding romance. The couple is unstoppable and becoming too hot to handle.

According to the latest buzz, Salman Khan is concerned about Tanisha getting too close to Armaan on national TV because he shares a great rapport with both Ajay and Kajol and it was also heard that before the show kick-start,  Ajay asked Salman to take care of Tanisha.

Before the show went on air, it was reported that Kajol and Tanuja actually restricted Tanisha from taking part on the show but she was adamant to be on the show. But surely the brewing romance between Tanisha and much older in age Amaan Kohli might not have gone well with the family.

It is not yet sure whether Tanisha and Armaan’s bonding on the show is for the sake of entertaining the audience and winning the show Bigg Boss but if we look back Tanisha in the past dated Upen Patel an Uday Chopra.

In the past too, Bigg Boss gave birth to many laila majnu  which include Akashdeep Saigal- Pooja Bedi, Veena Malik- Ashmit Patel and the common thing among all the couples were that none of the relationship went forward after the show ended.

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