Bigg Boss 7: Salman Khan to get 5 crore per episode

Salman Khan is the most sought after actor in Bollywood and with his increasing demand in Bollywood, his demand in TV shows has also increased rapidly. He has been hosting the reality show, Bigg Boss for few years and this time as the seventh season of Bigg Boss is going to begin again, the superstar touched the record breaking number. He will be paid Rs 5 crore per episode and with this Salman Khan became the highest paid actor on television with a salary of Rs 130 crore.

Salman Khan who was paid Rs 2.5 crore to host Bigg Boss 6 will now be paid Rs 5 crore per episode for the seventh season.  Salman Khan will appear for a total of 26 episodes. This year, the entertainment is going to be double as the promotional campaign showed Sallu in dual role of an angel and a devil. This year again the show will be produced by Colors channel and has been developed by Endemol.

A source told, “This year Salman has charged a substantial amount as he has a double role. So, the shooting takes more time and the concept is different. He will shoot two episodes in a day per week.”

When asked why he would be shooting two episodes a day, the source added, “He wants to finish shooting before the trial for his 2002 hit-and-run case draws to a close.”

His trial in the court will begin on August 19.

Speaking about the whopping rates, a source informed, “The company will hike the ad rates because it’s a premium show which is extremely popular with a large scale family audience, which caters to almost every product in advertising. People love to watch the show and it also garners a high TRP rating so word is that Colors will hike the ad rates.”

A spokesperson from the parent company Viacom said, “As a policy we do not comment on artist’s remunerations.” He added about advertising, “The show has just been announced, so it’s too early to talk about the concept and the company is still in talks with other companies regarding sponsorship.”