Bigg Boss 7: Ratan Rajput soaked in cow dung tab

Bigg Boss 7 is slowly spicing up with all sorts of drama. Fights and romance are a constant factor in Bigg Boss but here we will talk about a bravery act which Ratan Rajput has showed in this season. She soaked herself in cow dung bath tab much to the surprise of her fellow contestants for almost an hour. Bigg Boss announced that he has few tips with him which will cure infection. Shipa and Anita was called in and they were informed about the task. The two shocked to see a bath tub fully filled up with cow dung giving out bad odour.

Bigg Boss asked the two to give one name from hell who will soak himself inside the tub for two hours.  He added if the hell mate failed to perform the task then the heaven mates will earn one point. Anita and Shilpa gave Elli’s name and when Elli was sent in, she was shocked to see the scenario and refused to do the task. Elli’s refusal has earned heaven mates one point.

Bigg Boss again asked the hell mates to give another name but when no one came forward, Ratan gathered some courage and came forward to do the task. She was bit doubtful initially but took the challenge and soaked herself in the bath tub for an hour.

To deviate herself from the odd situation, Ratan indulge herself to song. She sung song to deviate her attention from the adverse condition and spend one hour successfully.  After completion of one hour, Bigg Boss announced the treatment is over and Ratan is free of infection. The success of the task helped the hell mates to earn a point and continuing their lead over the heaven mates.

When Ratan Rajput came out completing the task, everyone applauded her bravery act and congratulate her for completing the task successfully.