Bigg Boss 7: No Diwali gifts for Tanisha from Kajol, Tanuja

Tanisha Mukherjee is the only contestant of Bigg Boss 7 who received no gifts or messages from her family members. Comedian Bharti Singh who came as a surprise guest on the special occasion of Diwali on Bigg Boss house handed over the gifts to every contestant their family sent for them with love but Tanisha was shocked when everyone’s name was called for the gift and she was left without any token of love from sister Kajol or mother Tanuja.

A crew member of the show says, “It was an activity which we had planned for all the contestants as they have been away from their family for long. Most of them are missing their parents, partners and kids. So on the occasion of Diwali we decided to send comedian Bharti Singh to surprise the inmates with gifts and messages from their family members.”

Tanisha was surely upset but she did not show any sign of depression in front of camera.

Adds the source, “The production team started approaching family members of the contestants to give some kind of gift or message for their family members inside the house. Tanishaa’s family, however, did not get back with anything. Tanishaa’s mother Tanuja and her sister Kajol apparently ignored the production house’s request and chose not to respond. So Tanishaa did not receive anything in the special episode. She was upset but she preferred not to display any emotion in front of the cameras.”

It was reported earlier Tanisha’s participation in Bigg Boss was not liked by Tanuja and Kajol. They did not support her decision to participate on the show but Tanisha did not listen to them and went ahead. The family is said to be highly ashamed with Tanisha’s behavior on the show. She has brought bad name to her family by establishing close relationship with the much older Armaan Kohli.  The Devgn family is said to be unhappy with Tanisha’s close proximity with Armaan. They were stunned to see Tanisha in the smoking zone with Armaan.

They were also highly depressed to see Tanisha and Armaan kissing one another when the lights turned off. Since Salman Khan shared a good relationship with Devgn family, he warmed the lovebirds to behave decently as cameras are installed in every corner and their actions are being watched.