Bigg Boss 7: Tanisha gets a letter from Tanuja, Kajol

A hand written letter signed by mother Tanuja and elder sister Kajol has put a full stop to the speculation that all is not well between Tanisha and her family. After two months of stay in the house, finally Tanisha has received a letter from her family and a collage of family pictures. There was also report that Ajay Devgn warned to boycott the channel if they did not get Tanisha evicted from the show.

Tanisha who is longing for her family got an interesting surprise when mom Tanuja sent a letter to her. The letter had some photographs of Tanishaa and her elder sister Kajol. The letter states that Tanuja and her family are missing her and they really missed her during Durga Puja. It also said that they are really proud of Tanishaa and Tanuja also mentioned that she regularly watches the show. Apart from Tanishaa, it is heard that Armaan also received a letter from his family. After reading the letter, Armaan got very emotional and the housemates consoled him.

Says a source from the channel Colors, "Tanisha had not received a shred of intimation from her family since she entered 'Bigg Boss' house. This led to speculation that the family was far from happy with Tanisha's conduct. On Thursday, Tanisha finally got a letter signed by her mom and sister and a collage of family pictures. This ended her period of uncertainty regarding her family's response to her conduct in the house."

A reliable source close the Mukherjee family says the family was fed up of speculation regarding Tanishaa's conduct. "The family has never objected to the way every member leads his or her life. Tanujaji has always given her two daughters full freedom to do whatever they wish to. Tanujaji herself used to be extremely unconventional in her heydays. If her daughter doesn't follow the demure and submissive track, why would she object?"

Before entering 'Bigg Boss' house, Tanishaa had told that she was not in the game for money or fame. "I am asked if I am going in to 'Bigg Boss' to gain some attention. I don't mean to sound arrogant. But the family that I come from (mom Tanuja, aunt Nutan, grandmother Shobhana Samarth, sister Kajol, brother-in-law Ajay Devgn) do you think I need to try to get visibility for myself?"

Tanishaa also spoke about the family's condemnation of her decision to take part in 'Bigg Boss'. "My mom is very protective. Like any mother, she's concerned about how I'll cope inside the 'Bigg Boss' house. I am the baby of the family. So mom worries even more about me. She was like, 'Baby, will you be okay?' But parents have to let their children grow up sometime. I cannot be a baby all my life. I hope I've matured over the years. Now I am looking forward to coping with all the excitement tension and squabble inside the 'Bigg Boss' house. This is one of Indian television's most popular shows. I want to see what makes the show tick. You know, the true test of a person's character is when he or she is faced with adversity. I want to come out of this with dignity".