Bigg Boss 7: Lovebirds Tanishaa and Armaan part ways

Love was in the air till a few episodes back but now it seems that love has jumped out of the window after not able to take the double standard of contestants. One time alleged couple in love, Armaan and Tanishaa, seems to be peeved with each other and are no longer friends.

The day started with the two teams exchanging the roles. So the ruling team becomes virodhi team and the virodhi team becomes ruling team. In ruling team, Armaan, Gauhar, Kushal and Kamya were included. In the virodhi team, Andy, Ajaz, Tanishaa, Sangram and Sophia were included. The ruling team had planned to take revenge of the previous day. They were making strategies. Gauhar who was also irked by Ajaz for giving her beau Kushal a dirty task, informed Ajaz that she will give him the toughest task. Ajaz took things sportingly. He challenged the ruling team to give him equally tough tasks.

Andy called his virodhi team mates and he proposed a strategy. According to the strategy, the team mates were supposed to waste a lot of time so that they delay the task. As such, there was no limit for the completion of a task. The team mates agreed. They started wasting a lot of time discussing things.

The ruling team went into the store room to plan their strategy for the first task. The task was meant for Ajaz. Ajaz was spying. He heard and he ran to lock himself in the washroom. The ruling team instead offered the task to Andy. Andy was supposed to do 50 push ups with hand stand. Andy was finding this task difficult. He told that he would discuss with captain and would then think of attempting the task. This way, he tried wasting time. The ruling team got a hint of this strategy and they got furious. In a fit of anger Armaan blasted on Tanishaa and to everyone’s surprise, even Tanishaa yelled back. Since the task seemed impossible, the captain of the house, Sophia intervened and thus none of the teams got any points.

The next task was meant for Ajaz and he was asked to shave off his head. He refused outright. This further complicated situations. Since the virodhi team was not taking things sportingly, the ruling team decided to boycott the game altogether. They left the game. So, the virodhi team was declared winner.