Bigg Boss 7: Kushal's love for Gauhar Khan is fake!

Bigg Boss 7’ is consistent eyeball grabber and gossip generator these days. After the FIR registered against Armaan Kohli by Sofia and Andy fainting on the sets, Kushal managed to make news this time at the expense of his girlfriend, Gauhar Khan. Kushal’s behaviour towards his lady love Gauhar seems disrespectful and is making viewers wonder if he is taking her for granted. If that is the case, viewers are also curious to know why she is not standing up for herself.

It all started with Kushal Tandon re-entering the ‘Bigg Boss House’. Within a short while of his entry, he proposed to Gauhar on national television. An overwhelmed Gauhar accepted his proposal, making them the lovebirds of the house. Unfortunately, all is never well at the house which was proven true when it witnessed disturbances in the relationship from time to time.

Kushal has been observed to blow things out of proportion and make mountains out of molehills by misinterpreting everything that Gauhar says or does. On the episode aired on Monday, Kushal was seen making a scene right after she invited Ajaz to dance with everyone. Later on, during Tuesday’s episode, he made a big deal over a simple onion issue. Apparently, Kushal crossed the limit while telling Gauhar off about her action of taking a bowl of onions away while he was eating. Gauhar tried to justify herself by saying the bowl of onions belonged to Armaan and Taniisha and she felt she should keep the onions for them. Instead, Kushal could have some onions kept apart for their use. To this, Kushal made a huge scene which essentially contained the message that Gauhar had done a rude deed by takng away his food. When Gauhar tried to explain further, she was insulted by him in front of Sangram and Ajaz. Finally, Gauhar could not take it anymore and weeping, ran towards the rest room.

Ajaz tried to intervene by consoling Gauhar and telling Kushal to be polite, but was dismissed by Kushal telling him to mind his own business and not to interfere in others’ personal matters. Kushal tried to justify himself which did not convince Gauhar. Still, towards the end, they reconciled.

This leads us to two questions, 1. Why is Gauhar being a doormat when she is used to being the decision maker of the House, and 2. Is this entirely a pre-planned charade by Gauhar and Kushal to win sympathy votes?