Bigg Boss 7: Kushal evicted, Gauhar stays aloof

This time, Bigg Boss 7 has consistently made news for unexpected twists, temper tantrums, an arrest and now an unexpected mid week eviction. Small screen actor, Kushal Tandon was ousted from the Bigg Boss house. The elimination took place in the early hours of Wednesday morning i.e. 18th December 2013. Kushal's girlfriend Gauhar Khan is missing her boyfriend immensely and guess what, Tanisha tries to console her and make her feel better.

The nominations for this week’s eliminations were Kushal, Gauhar Khan and Ajaz Khan. But the mid-week eviction was a surprising turn of events. Kushal was previously ousted from the show because of his aggressive nature and unruly conduct, especially towards his co-contestant, VJ Andy. He re-entered the House on 21st November. After his re-entry, he was seen trying to make for his previous conduct and being cordial with his co-contestants. Kushal also professed his love for Gauhar in front of the entire House and on-air. He proposed to her which she gladly accepted as she expressed her love for him too. But, his behaviour towards her ever since had been rude and abrasive, including insulting her over trivial matters and making her cry. When others had intervened, he had rudely told them to lay off his personal matters. Therefore, one can say all his efforts in making up has gone in vain. What does he have to say about this?

When asked if he was upset about being evicted, especially when the show was drawing to an end, he said, ‘Not really. It’s just a game. I got a lot of love from my fans. But I didn’t understand why three days ago, when I was nominated, I got enough votes to be saved. But, by mid-week, when I got nominated again, I didn’t get enough.’ Kushal said he expected to be back into the house even after being evicted the previous time as he felt he had not done anything wrong and had not beaten anyone up. He maintained that more than him, the audience wanted him back into the House. He was not surprised when Gauhar expressed her love for him as he said, ‘It wasn’t a surprise as we knew we loved each other. Initially, we did not want to say anything to each other, because people in the house would have thought that we were doing it for ratings. But we genuinely love each other.’ He has been picked on by Salman regularly during the show. On being asked whether his image had taken a beating on the show, he said he did not think so.