Bigg Boss 7: Kamya kidnapped

58th day of ‘Bigg Boss 7’ was full of action. It began with a task and successful completion of the task will mean luxury budget for the house mates. The task is called ‘commandos’. Under this task, all the housemates are supposed to be protecting ‘Mount Bigg Boss’. They are also supposed to protect their chief of the commandos. Elli is the captain of the house. She is made the chief commando.

Elli takes her responsibility. All the housemates are dressed in commando uniform. Elli being the captain wears a commando cap. She is supposed to get the drill and physical exercise from the housemates. She has to get the drill done thrice in a day. She begins her day by asking all the contestants to join her for physical training. Then the task starts. Kamya stands on the mountain and pretends climbing it. Others guard her. Housemates sometimes ignore Elli and do not listen to her. She shouts on the housemates. After some time she again asks the team mates for some physical training. Pratyusha gets tired. She withdraws herself from the task of the day and becomes a spectator.

From outside the house, so called terrorists attack housemates by balloons filled with water. Housemates protect themselves and other team mates. The bombarding continues for some time and then stops. Elli applauds everyone for good work. Then Ajaz goes to her and asks her to task others. She listens to Ajaz and tasks others. People get annoyed by her. Then after some time, Bigg Boss calls everyone and tells them to change their captain for the day as Elli is not capable of motivating team mates. Unanimously they take Kamya’s name.

Kamya is the new leader. She gets the team mates to do some drill. Team mates like her and are happy under her command. Then for some time things move smoothly. Kamya also witnesses one attack under her rule. She handles it nicely. Then she goes inside the house and is abducted by masked people. Later they ask for ransom. Team mates appear divided on ransom. But later they give in and Kamya returns. Kamya has a verbal dispute with Armaan as he refuses to climb the mount. Later everyone is seen guarding the mount but are also share some light moments. Armaan is cozying to Tanishaa. Ajaz is getting flirty with Pratyusha.