Bigg Boss 7: Kamya elected as the captain

The day 19th of the house started with tutu main-main among the housemates. Argument took place between Sangram and Andy. It all started when Sangram started making fun of Andy. Andy warned Sangram against it. He said that if Sangram continues to do so, consequence would be very bad. Andy felt Sangram has crossed his limit.

Later, Andy was seen discussing with Shilpa that he did not expect this from Andy as he considers him as his friend. In the evening, Bigg Boss made an announcement about captain selection. He said that the confession room will remain open for 10 minutes and anyone interested to give his or her name for captaincy is very much welcome.

Kamya, Sangram and Andy gave their name for captaincy. Bigg Boss asked them if they feel they can campaign and it was seen Andy campaigning for captaincy. Gauhar Khan and Andy was heard discussing how the people on the show are of dual character. Gauhar suggested him to remain cool and ignore all this as long as he is at Bigg Boss house. Asif is seen flirting with Gauhar and Kushal seems burning in jealousy. The heaven mates are seen taking a cool dip in the pool.

In the garden area, Bigg Boss kept a scooter and asked both hell and heaven mates to keep a balance of the scooter by seating over it expect Gauhar and Kamya. Bigg Boss announced that Kamya and Gauhar will have to stand on the bike and whoever manages to climb on the bike fast will win. Gauhar climbed on the bike first and the hell mates won the task.

Bigg Boss announced that Kamya won the election with maximum votes.