Bigg Boss 7: Gauhar, Kushal likely to marry soon

History is going to repeat on Bigg Boss. In the fifth season of the reality show, audience got to see what they have never seen in Indian television. Sara Khan married boyfriend Ali Merchant in attendance of the housemates and their family members. The second couple who went to the verge of marriage was Pakistani model and actress Veena Maik and Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel whose romance raised the TRP’s of the show and now in the seventh season, Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon’s romance spicing up the show.

The latest eviction Kamya Punjabi hinted that Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon are very close, madly in love and pretty serious about one another and they are thinking to take their relationship to the next level. Kamya also expressed her keen desire to attend Gauhar and Kushal’s wedding.

Gauhar stands by Kushal in happy and sad moments. When Kushal was asked to leave the house by Bigg Boss due to his misbehavior Gauhar did not think twice and also packed her bags and moved out with him. A week after she returned the house, Kushal also came back to play the game.

Kushal proposed Gauhar on the show and the couple is going strong.Well, marriage is on the cards for Gauhar and Kushal!