‘Bigg Boss 7’: Day 8 sees Andy as Kaamwaali bai

Just a week has passed on ‘Bigg Boss’ and viewers saw elimination. Hazel Keech was eliminated out on the seventh day of the show. She was apparently not keeping well. Seems she could not bear the tough aspect of ‘hell’ side of the house. With her elimination, 14 inmates remain in the house.

VJ Andy is responsible for cleanliness of the ‘heaven’ side. He was seen brooming and sweeping the floor. Everybody has started calling him as ‘kaamwaali bai’. Even he is taking it sportingly. Rather he himself feels that in this house of ‘bigg boss’ he has worked as much as he has worked in his entire life. Well, it’s interesting to see him carry house household chores meticulously and then later bicker like maids about his work.

Rajat Rawail felt home sick. He got up with a sulky face and later started crying. Time and again he was seen pleading to ‘Bigg Boss’ to let him go. Then he got emotional. He kept lying on his bed and crying inconsolably. Seeing his pathetic condition, the captain of the house, Tanisha requested ‘Bigg Boss’ to send a doctor for examining Rajat. A doctor came anf examined Rajat. He confirmed that Rajat was physically sound to stay in the house. Later ‘Bigg Boss’ advised Tanisha to stop pitying Rajat. Then after a few hours, he became all right. He joined others in the lawn for a chit chat session. He also expressed a desire to stay further in the house. This might be a stunt by Rajat to grab attention. Whatever it was, it just left viewers feeling annoyed for such a spoilsport.

On the ‘hell side’ of the house, a new story seems sprouting. Kushal and Gauhar are seen comfortable in each other’s company. They are chatting, cracking jokes and even their beds are positioned adjacent to each other’s bed. Later Kushal was seen giving a back massage to Gauhar. Surely something is going to come up in weeks to come.

Again the process of nomination gears up and heaven inmates are asked to vote out heaven inmates. Gauhar, Kamya and Pratyusha get votes against them. Also, Tanisha was given a special privilege to vote out one member from heaven. She took Rajat’s name as she thought that Rajat wanted to leave the game. Rajat however, was slightly taken aback. Keep reading for some more juicy news from the house of ‘Bigg Boss’.