Bigg Boss 7, Day 5: Elli Avram burst into tears

Bigg Boss 7 is slowly catching momentum. Lots of drama was witnessed on day 5 of the show. On day 2 and day 3, we saw Pratyusha Banerjee involved in a cat-fight with Ratan Rajput and VJ Andy and thenext day, Armaan Kohli fought for insufficient food. Situation in the Bigg Boss house is turning hot with ever passing day and the latest contestant to make news is Elli Avram. Elli moved into tears after a fight with Armaan Kohli.

Armaan Kohli teased Elli Avram and Pratusha Banerjee in a playful mood but it did not go well with Elli. She cried when he called her, ‘Chammak Challo’. At first Elli took things lightly but when Armaan crossed the line, she responded. She told other inmates Armaan took her easy as she is a foreigner.

Gauhar and Pratyusha tried to console Elli but all efforts went in vain. Armaan told the heaven-mates that he was just playing along and Elli took it to her heart adding that she has also learnt the TRP gimmicks. The captain of the house, Tanisha  solved the dispute. She asked Armaan to apologize Elli, he obliged to Tanisha’s request, apologized Elli and the tussle was called off.

Well, keep an eye on this space as lots coming up in ‘Bigg Boss 7’.