Armaan wants ladylove Tanisha to win Bigg Boss 7

Armaan Kohli is the latest contestant to be evicted from the house of ‘Bigg Boss’. After coming out of the house, in a conversation with Salman, Armaan said that he wants Tanishaa to win the game.

In the Sunday episode, Armaan joined Salman on the stage. Salman asked him if he wanted to express his emotions to anybody on the show. Armaan took the opportunity and thanked Tanishaa for her support. He said that during his 3 months long journey on the show, Tanishaa stood by him during his thick and thin times. He said her support was like a family member’s support.

Tanishaa’s eyes were filled with tears, after hearing such words from Armaan. She cried and asked him to “come back soon”. By this she meant to get in touch with her as soon as soon as the show gets over.

Later Armaan was asked who he thinks should win the game. Without thinking twice, he took Tanishaa’s name. He said that he wishes to see Tanishaa with the winner’s trophy.

Armaan Kohli was one of the most talked about contestants on the show. He picked up fights with almost everyone due to his bad temper. It was expected that Armaan would enter grand finale of the show. His eviction came as a surprise to the inmates of the house and the viewers. Before him, Kushal Tandon was evicted from the house.

Due to his bad temper, Armaan even got under physical spat with another contestant, Sofia. After Sofia got evicted from the house, she lodged a police complaint against the 41 years old actor. Armaan was however released on bail.

Armaan created an image of an angry temper guided person on the show of ‘Bigg Boss 7’. But to many people who know his outside the show, Armaan comes as a polite and cultured guy. He has no regrets after losing at this point when victory was just at arm’s length. Armaan said, “For me it is like winning even when I haven’t won technically. I’ve come away from ‘Bigg Boss’ far more patient and far more humane than I was before I entered the House. And of course I’ve made a life-long friend in Tanishaa.”

Talking about Tanishaa, he further said, “If it wasn’t for Tanishaa, I’d have probably lost my head. She kept me grounded. When the lights were out, we discussed all the tensions of the day.”