Bigg Boss 7: Armaan physically assaults Elli Avram

Bigg Boss 7 is taking dramatic turn. The latest to hog the limelight and entertain the viewers is Armaan Kohli who not only misbehaved with the housemates but also hit Elli Avram badly. After fighting with Andy and Kushal, Armaan picked up fight with Elli and Kamya. The housemates now started hating him for his rude and uncultured behaviour. The housemates gave him lesson on anger management but it seems their lesson is of no use and Armaan did not learn to control his anger.

Armaan’s anger went peak point. It all happened during the wekly budget session when Armaan and few other housemates were asked to sit in a box and stick to their position till the task end up. Some contestants tried to distract Armaan and knocked his box and tried to persuade him. Highly annoyed Armaan lost his temper and accidently ended up hitting Elli on her forehead.

Everyone blamed him for his rude behaviour and he tried to make everyone understood that he had not done it intentionally. When Kamya barged in, he did not spare her event and shouted at her. Later, he started fighting with Kushal and Asif. Apoorva Agnohotri trie to calm him down but all his effort ended in a vain. Finally, the housemates decided to boycott Armaan Kohli.