Bigg Boss 7: Apoorva Agnihotri out, happy to be back on Diwali

Apoorva Agnihotri evicted from Bigg Boss 7 on Saturday and after elimination, he said that is happy to be back home on Diwali.

“It is Diwali. And who wouldn't want to be home on this occasion? I can't say I regret being in Bigg Boss house. It was a learning experience for me, specially since I learnt how to control my temper in an environment were people were constantly losing their temper," Apoorva Agnihotri added that after his wife's departure from Bigg Boss he was totally lost.

"Once my wife Shilpa was evicted, I was lost in there. We both went in together and it was Shilpa's presence in Bigg Boss that convinced me to go in. Once she was out, I was mentally preparing myself to leave at the first opportunity," he said.

Recalling his Bigg Boss journey, Apoorva said: "It was a once in a lifetime experience. Never before and never again! I was determined not to lose my temper, no matter what. I do have a temper problem. But I lose it only when provoked beyond endurance."

Ironically it was Shilpa who lost her cool. "Yes, it did happen once. Shilpa did lose her cool with Armaan Kohli and Asif Azim. We were being pushed around and she couldn't take it. I think Shilpa remembered a situation from a few years back when we were similarly bullied. She retaliated. But neither Shilpa nor I hold any grudges. It was all part of the game. I have no ill feelings towards any of the Bigg Boss inmates. I will probably throw a party for all of them once the show is over."

Talking about the friends he made in the house, Apoorva Agnihotri mentioned Kushal Tandon, Gauhar Khan, Kamya Punjabi and Prityusha Bannerje’s name "Ain't Shilpa just loves Andy. They've become friends for life."

Apoorva said he was just himself in the house and did not act.

"I could almost create a screenplay out of the characters and incidents. I was very sure I'd be myself in the Bigg Boss house. I was never acting. And when Shilpa left, I was already writing the screenplay for my exit from Bigg Boss. Now I can't wait to get home," the actor said.

Apoorva’s next plan? "Yup, Shilpa and I will go for a holiday. Where, how, when... I'll let her decide. I always let her take the decisions," he concluded.