‘Bigg Boss 7’: Ajaz, Sofia pass sexist comment on each other

59th day of ‘Bigg Boss 7’ saw some real drama and outpour of emotions. The day started with the luxury budget task which was continuing from the previous day. Kamya Punjabi is the new general and is strict to the core. Actually she is on a secret task given by ‘Bigg Boss’. Under this task, she has to be an anti hero and she also needs to be very tough on the commandoes. She punishes her commandoes who do not follow her instructions. She asked all her commandoes to do a drill. Later she asked all her commandoes to be vigilant and be alert of any attack. Elli and Azaj talk even after warning. This infuriates Kamya. She asks both Elli and Ajaz to do sit ups. Then she asks them to stand in the pool in the freezing water. Elli is an obedient commando and follows order. But Ajaz refuses to obey. He gives an excuse to Kamya by telling that he has a stitch in his leg and if he stands for long in water, it might open. Kamya did not buy this. This creates a lot of tension. Kamya tells him that either he stand in water otherwise whole team would have to stand in water.

Ajaz goes and tries explaining other housemates of his leg injury. Contestants ask him to stand in water. Andy and Sophia talk that he has no stitch mark on his leg. Andy hears this and he gets infuriated on Sophia. Sophia instigates him further by talking about his manhood and making fun of him. She tells, “Aap mard nahin ho.” She told him that Elli being a girl was standing in pool but you despite being a male could not take any task by spirit. That was enough for Ajaz. He tells that he is capable of showing his manhood if he is dared. Hearing this lewd remark, other female contestants are shocked. Sophia starts crying.

Sangram consoles Sophia and tells her that both she and Ajaz were wrong in passing lewd remarks. He also feels that Ajaz should not have passed such a comment. Ajaz is known to have a loose tongue inside the house. Gauhar explains Ajaz that even he was wrong. She tells him to be conscious of his words and not to repeat any sexist remarks ever in future.