Bigg Boss 7: Ajaz Khan takes off his clothes in front of Tanisha

‘Bigg Boss 7’ never ceases to surprise the viewers. The housemates are now clearly divided into two groups after the politics. Ajaz, who has been in the house for a few days, tried some antics by taking off his shirt in the bathroom area in front of Tanishaa. Tanishaa got offended. He asked him to watch out his indecent behavior. Following this the housemates discuss Ajaz act and decide whether it was right or wrong. Elli is the captain of the house. She talks to both Tanishaa and Ajaz and after she gets the hint, she goes to explain Ajaz that he was wrong. Armaan, who is a good friend of Tanishaa, asks Elli to complain such an indecent act to Bigg Boss.

Pratyusha tells Ajaz that he is a gentleman and he should not get instigated by other people. He should act according to his true self. Later Ajaz feels sorry for his act. He goes to ask sorry from Sofia at whom he had passed few rude comments. But a fresh fire breaks out between the two.

Later Bigg Boss calls Sangram to the confession room. He tells him that the viewers have a number of questions for him. He had to answer in yes and no. His answers would be judged on the basis of a lie detector test. But the truth was that Bigg Boss was showing Sangram on a screen to the housemates and his answers were judged by the contestants. They had to show a placard reading ‘Sach’ and ‘Jhoot’ if they felt Sangram’s answer was right or wrong. One of Sangram’s answer infuriated Gauhar. She thought that Sangram was double faced. Sangram said that Gauhar’s coming back to house was not correct. However, Gauhar told that Sangarm told her that she did right by coming back to house.

Later, Sangram was told the truth by Bigg Boss that he was being judged by his housemates.  A small verbal argument broke between Gauhar and Sangram when the latter came out of the confession room.

Sofia called Gauhar that she also has double face and that Sofia had seen the episode when Gauhar allegated a contestant Asif of making passes on her. Gauhar and Sofia had an argument and the conclusion remained indecisive.

Later the housemates received voice messages and video messages from their loved ones. It was an emotional moment.