Bigg Boss 7: Ajay Devgn wants Tanisha back at any cost

Bigg Boss 7’ which started on a low note this season is getting spicier day by day. Now it has become so messy that even makers of the show are in a catch 22 situation.

Tanishaa’s family wants her to be evicted from the house as she is bringing bad name to the family. Ajay Devgan’s is Tanishaa’s brother in law. He is a balanced person and cares a lot for his image and his family’s image. In crisp, he is a simple family person. But off late, the stunts of Tanishaa on the show of ‘Bigg Boss’ is putting family in an embarrassing position and so they want Tanishaa to be withdrawn from the show.

Tanisha’s sister Kajol and her mother Tanuja never wanted her to participate in a reality show as they knew that the family name could get tarnished. However, Tanishaa did not listen to them and went ahead to participate in the show. Despite their dislike, both Tanuja and Kajol appeared in a video clip to wish Tanishaa all the best in the beginning episode.

After that for two weeks, Tanishaa carried on with her goody image. She was a polite girl and she showed proper mannerisms. However, soon after the second week, her real self started appearing. She picked up fights with the contestants. She was even seen smoking on the national TV. As if this was not enough, she got emotionally involved with Armaan. And then that emotional factor turned to physical factor. At many occasions, she was captured on National TV in compromising position with Armaan.

Ajay saw all this and he asked the makers of the show to get her evicted. He even talked to Salman about this. But nothing worked out. Then Tanishaa was also seen roaming semi nudely in the house. Many of the crew members of the show have confirmed the news. This was too much for Ajay Devgan. Finally he has asked Viacom 18 to remove Tanishaa from the show. Ajay has threatened that if this is not carried this week, he would snap all his working relationship with Viacom18 for now and for future.

Hearing this, the makers of the show and other people from the production team are thinking of a way out to this problem. The only hitch is that, the voting lines are closed this week and there cannot be any eviction this week. Lets see, how things turn on the show!