Bigg Boss 6: Salman gets 7.75 cr per episode

Salman Khan has not been running out of luck since 2008 when “Wanted” released. All his films have been surpassing his previous records so much as that he has been established as his only own competition.

Apart from garnering huge box-office success in films he has also been successful in hosting television shows. His first venture had been “Dus ka Dum” that was super-successful with the viewers. Since the last three years he has been hosting the reality show “Bigg Boss” that has reached another level since Salman took it up. He has now been flooded with a wide-range of brand endorsement deals since his popularity is on the rise. His charitable organization “Being Human” has also been going great guns and has become hugely popular.

The actor is witty and entertaining though at times he loses his cool and becomes a little harsh on others, but despite that there has been no decline in his stardom.

Recently it was in the news that because of his rising popularity he can now demand a premium amount of Rs 4 crores per episode for hosting “Bigg Boss”, season 6. The actor said, “I wish, man, but that’s not true.” He added, with his usual air of funniness, “I think it was Rs. 7.75 cr. Write that so people who read this will feel jealous. Say I’m getting Rs. 7.75 cr per episode, plus for Re 1 cr for re-runs; then see their reactions. Think about it.”

He also said exposing his witty side, “People will be shocked and won’t get work at the same price. Then all work, including theirs, will come to me. And I will do it for Rs. 50 lakh, which is my price (smiles). We bargain with producers and channels depending on how badly we need the money.”

He was also quizzed about being all over the entertainment segment of television channels, as he is seen as either promoting “Dabangg 2”, being in its trailers, in advertisements or in “Bigg Boss” season 6. Talking about over-exposure that then turns into boredom among the audiences, he said he does not fear it.

He added “I don’t worry about overexposure; I worry about not growing. Till the time I’m growing, I’m fine with overexposure. If I stop growing, I will cut down on the exposure.”

In 2013, Salman will be seen featuring in films such as “Kick”, “Radhey” and the sequel to the super-successful film “No Entry” that has been titled “No Entry Mein Entry”.