Bigg Boss 6: Delnaz Irani breaks the ice about her ex-hubby Rajeev

Popular TV actress Delnaz Irani, who is also a contestant on Bigg Boss, has finally revealed the pain stored inside her about her deranged relationship with Rajiv Paul. She told two other Bigg Boss contestants, Sana Khan and Aashka Goradia that she had to go through a lot of hardships for two years, while the case for their divorce was on. She had great difficulty in moving on when her 14-year marriage broke apart.

While in conversation with two of her housemates in Bigg Boss, she told them that she had to go through two very troublesome years, as she had to pay money to Rajiv and also had to arrange money to pay EMIs in the bank for her house. The house in which Rajiv lives is free of loans while her house is not. Hence, she had faced loads of trouble in order to gather money to pay off this loan.

Delnaz got married to Rajiv when she was 23 years old. She has been working very hard since her marriage. While Rajiv sat at home, waiting for any good offers from Bollywood, Delnaz worked day and night to pay off bills and other requirements in the house. Moreover, all of Rajiv’s costs were taken care of by her. She supported him both financially and morally.

All this has taken place on the sets of the famous TV reality show Bigg Boss, (Season 6). Rajiv and Delnaz were forced to come across each other after two years of their break up. This show airs on ‘Colors’ channel and is hosted by Salmaan Khan. There are 15 contestants who are made to live in a house and perform various tasks and challenges.

Rumors started cropping up the day it was revealed that this ‘broken-up’ couple would be seen together in the house. Salmaan Khan was the supposed ‘Cupid’ between the two. Everybody expects that the two will find a way to work out the relationship. Although Rajiv seemed inclined in patching up with ‘Dellu’, the actress seems adamant. She did not budge an inch from her point and seemed quite irritated with this idea. When it became too much for her, she opened her feelings in front of her housemates.

 Delnaz is of the view that Rajiv should stop trying to gain sympathy from everybody around, as time has forced the two to move on. She continues to be displeased with all the overtures.