Bigg Boss 6: Delnaaz falls for Imam Siddique

Bigg Boss 6 contestant and TV actor Delnaaz Irani can’t stop blushing and the reason is the man who is the big headache of the house, the image consultant Imam Siddique. Yes, it is true that Delnaaz fell for Imam. She has a huge crush on Imam and her ex-husband Rajeev Paul is also aware of the same.

Imam who is the made more foes in the house than friends and who had a fight with almost every member of the house has found a soft corner and liking in Delnaaz. Yes, Delnaaz fell for Imam. This fact came into limelight when Niketan Madhok walked up to Delnaaz and whispered in her ears that he knew who her first crush was.

Niketan took Imam’s name after he got a positive reply from Delnaaz and by then Delnaaz can’t stop blushing and replied in confirmatory and said, "He was such a handsome man that I couldn't help falling for him."

Apparently, Delnaaz's ex-husband, Rajev Paul also knew that his ex-wife has a crush on Imam. As soon as Delnaaz started blushing, Rajev told Niketan that "I know what you just told her."

This might be one of the reasons for the ugly spat between Rajeev and Imam.

When Imam walked again in the Bigg Boss house, hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani and Delnaaz was the happiest person.