Bigg Boss 6: Aashka, Sana kissed under the blanket

As host and actor Salman Khan says ‘Bigg Boss 6’ alag che (it’s different), we totally agree with it. Till date, we have witnessed males and females bonding on the show and now we have seen female bonding on the reality show. Earlier,when Vishal Karwal kissed Sana Khan it grabbed many eyeballs and now when Aashka Garodia kissed Sana Khan under the blanket, the show took an interesting twist.

It all happened when Sana developed some skin infection and she can’t control itching all over her hands and legs. Her good friend Aashka could not see Sana in distress and she tried to comfort her and kissed her under blanket.  

Aashka quickly told Sana to stop it. When both were in kissing spree Sana said she can’t help it and Aashka moved into tears soon after that. Later Sana tried to cheer up Aashka saying that she didn’t mean to hurt her all but it happened.

When all this are happening, Sana covered herself under a blanket. Aashka followed Sana, put her head under the blanket and started kissing her beloved friend.

We all understand that this kissing and cuddling are just out of affection but sometime over affection raises eyebrows and gives birth to juicy rumor.