Bigg Boss 10: Yuvraj’s family forced me to get pregnant, Akanksha Sharma

Akanksha Sharma, who is one of the commoners of ‘Bigg Boss 10’ blamed Yuvraj Singh’s family for forcing her to conceive. Akansha’s marriage with Yuvi’s younger brother Zorawar lasted for only four months and according to her rigorous torture forced her to walk out of the marriage. She blamed her mother-in-law and Yuvraj Singh’s mother Shabnam Singh for her broken marriage.

Akansha made shocking revealation about cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s family.

Yuvi's mother spoke to media about Akansha’s allegation about her and her family. She said, “Somebody has to take the brunt, so it’s fine if it’s me. God bless, is all I can say to her. Let her go on and say what she has to say. Even I have enough to talk and share my side of the story. But I just don’t want to get into any mud-slinging. She’s also someone’s daughter and she’s doing what she’s being instructed to."

Shabnam Singh claimed that Akansha Sharma is making all such allegations to gain publicity. She highly slammed her. “She could have done this earlier also but she didn’t. Just because she has got a platform now, she is saying all this”, Shabnam had earlier stated.

"Yuvraj is getting married on November 30, and we are busy with the preparations. This controversy in the middle of it is extremely upsetting. The matter is sub judice and we are not supposed to talk about it. The case is due for hearing in the High Court. The divorce was filed two-and-a-half years ago. Why has she taken such a long time to come back? I can say so many things as well but I have maintained a dignified silence and will let the law take its course. I don't have to justify myself. She can go ahead and say whatever she wants to. I don't wish to indulge in mud-slinging”, she stated further.

In the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, Akansha Sharma is seen slowly opening her Pandora box. She is seen discussing her failed marriage with Gaurav Chopra. She revealed how the entire family joined her on her honeymoon and kept an eye on her and she was forced to conceive by them forcefully.

Well, Akansha has made a very serious allegation against Yuvi’s family and let’s see what more she revealed in the coming episodes.