‘Bigg Boss 10’ winner Manveer ran away from his wedding?

‘Bigg Boss 10’ winner Manveer Gujjar’s viral wedding video created a lot of stir. To add to this, there were also reports that he has a five-year-daughter named Vibhisha. Now, Manveer’s mother has reacted to the reports of the viral video.

“Mere bete ki shaadi nahi huyi hai (My son is not yet married). Jo news main aur media mein aa raha hai woh galat hai (The media reports are fake). Aisa koi bhi, kuch bhi bolega aap bharosa karoge (will you believe any random news). Uski shaadi hogi badi dhoom dhaam se (he will he married with great fanfare),” Manveer’s mother told a correspondent of Bollywood Life.

The Noida guy’s co-contestant Mona Lisa, who was among his close friends in the show revealed that Manveer had ran away from his wedding. “He never mentioned being married and a father to me. This news is surprising as I was one of his best friends and he never hid stuff from me. But he did say that he ran away from his wedding. This is what he told the makers in his audition tape. He did not reveal the exact reasons but he did run away from the mandap. He did not wish to marry and just escaped from there,” the Bhojpuri film actress said.

In the viral wedding video, Manveer can be seen dressed as the groom sitting on the horse. A picture of Manveer and his alleged bride also surfaced which shows the duo as bride and groom wearing jaimalas. Interestingly, the video didn’t have any footage of the mandap and had the portions which takes place before the mandap rituals.

It is quite possible that what Mona Lisa and Manveer’s mother said, is true, and Manveer indeed ran away from his wedding, filmy stlye.