Bigg Boss 10: Swami Om kicked out after he throws pee on Bani, Rohan

After Priyanka Jagga, another trouble maker of ‘Bigg Boss 10’, Swami Om, has been reportedly thrown out of the house, following his disgusting act of throwing urine on Bani J and Rohan Mehra, during the captaincy task.

Furthermore, Bigg Boss had to call security guards inside the house to drag out the self-style godman, who refused to leave the show even after repeated announcement. He instead, demanded that Rohan and Bani be punished for hitting him.

In the episode aired on January 3, Swami Om was seen asking Manveer Gujjar and Manu Punjabi to support him to become the captain. But no one is interested in seeing him as the captain due to his annoying behaviour, distasteful remarks about his co-contestants and their families, and creating nuisance during tasks.

During the captaincy task, contenders Bani and Swami Om had to make pyramids and other contestants had destroy the structure of the candidate, who they do not want to see as captain. When no one supports Swami Om, he takes matters into his own hands and started attacking other contestants. His actions finally broke the patience of all the contestants who have been somehow tolerating him all this while. The together lock him up in Jail, but then things get out of hand after Swami Om stoops to the level of throwing pee on them.

According to a report on Business of Cinema, Bani literally kicked him and Rohan, this time really slapped him without fear, and all the contestants demanded Bigg Boss to kick out the trouble maker.

Previously, Bigg Boss has given several warnings to Swami Om to mind his language and behaviour. Even host Salman Khan reprimanded his on every weekend and now, he too seems to have given up on him.