Bigg Boss 10: After ouster, Swami Om calls Salman Khan ISI agent (video)

Bigg Boss 10’ contestant Swami Om, who was thrown out of the house after his disgusting act of throwing his pee on his co-contestants, went live with a new channel and made shocking allegations about the show and its host Salman Khan.

The self-styled godman who never left an opportunity to flatter Salman addressing him as ‘greatest hero’, called the superstar an ISI agent. He also accused other contestants of spiking his food, mixing it with drugs. He also claimed that everything - his distasteful remarks about female contestants, his peeing in the kitchen, his act of stripping, all were scripted.

Swami Om didn’t stop here, and further alleged that Bigg Boss supplies drugs to the contestants and indulged in obscene activities. Furthermore, he claimed that Bani slept with Jason for four days. He also claimed that Bigg Boss threatened to kill him and during his 82-days of stay in the house, he was attacked under the ploy.

Watch the excerpt of the interview in the video here:

During the week's captaincy task between Bani and Swami Om, no one supported the self-proclaimed godman, who had annoyed them no end with his never-ending nuisance. He then peed in a bowl and threw it on Bani and Rohan, who then grabbed him and in unison with other housemates, locked him up inside the jail of the house.

Bigg Boss, who has warned Swami Om on several occasions earlier, condemned his act again, and this time ordered him out of the house. But Swami Om refused to leave the show despite being repeatedly asked to do so.

Ultimately, for the first time in the history of ‘Bigg Boss’ security guards were called inside the house to forcefully take out Swami Om.