Bigg Boss 10: Priyanka, Manu create chaos in house; both get nominated ‘

Bigg Boss 10’ has just started and the audience got to witness the first fight of the season with commoners Priyanka Jagga and Manu Punjabi already creating chaos in the house. On Maonday’s episode, Priyanka has a fight with Bani and throws tantrums, while Manu irritates other housemates over hygiene issues.

Priyanka and Bani quarrel with each other after the commoner asks the VJ about her age. Priyanka says that Bani is not responding to her and is walking away, to which Bani replies that she felt bad and is hurt by Priyanka’s words. Priyanka keeps insisting that it is Bani’s problem that she felt bad.

Later, Rohan Mehra, who is currently a ‘sevak’ of the commoners, along with other celebrity contestants, cooks food. But Priyanka expresses her displeasure over the food saying it is not good enough and that even her sons wouldn’t want to taste it. Manu also agrees with her. 

As part of the first task, commoners are ‘malik’ rulers and ‘sevak’ celebrities are required to do all households chores and keep their ‘maliks’ in good mood. They can use bathroom, eat or sleep only after commoners.

When Bani speaks about hygiene issues and requests the housemates not the litter the bathrooms with tissues, cotton etc. and take care while using the toilet, Manu takes it personally and interrupts. Later in the night, he keeps walking in and out of the bedroom disturbing everyone’s sleep. When others reprimand him, he argues that he was sleeping but woke up after another contestant went to the kitchen, and followed him.

Monday being nomination day, the first nominations for eviction, were also held. Reportedly, two celebrities and two commoners have been nominated. A report in Business of Cinema claimed that celebrities Gaurav Chopra and Monalisa, aka Antara Biswas, and Priyanka and Manu have been nominated.