Bigg Boss 10: Priyanka Jagga’s eviction fake?

‘Indiawale’ contestant Priyanka Jagga Muise became the first ‘Bigg Boss 10’ contestant to be eliminated from the show. The commoner had taken the house by storm from the first day itself – from picking up fights, being mean to celebrity ‘sevaks’ and peeing in pants openly for winning a task.

Priyanka’s was the highlight of the first week of the show, and her eviction came as a surprise not only for some of her co-contestants, but even to host Salman Khan. Post eviction when Priyanka came on stage, Salman had told her that he had expected that she would stay in the house till the end, and could not imagine that she has been eliminated.

However, there seems to be a twist and Priyanka may not have left the show. There are hints that the most entertaining contestant so far will be returning inside the house again. Priyanka’s life-size cut-outs have been placed in the garden area and washroom area, sparking off speculations that she will re-enter the house.

The housemates, as well as ‘Bigg Boss’ fans are wondering about the mystery behind the cut-outs.

It seems that host Salman too has been giving veiled indications that Priyanka’s elimination was not for real. Firstly, during the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, the actor has been persistently saying how he didn’t like evictions in the first week itself and that everyone should be given a chance to perform.

Secondly, Salman expressed surprise over Priyanka’s eviction and told her she had been the only highlight in the first week and asked if she too was surprised at being eliminated. And finally, when Priyanka was leaving the stage, he jokingly tells her not to go through the exit gate that leads to ‘Bigg Boss’ house.

All, the same, we can only wonder about it until ‘Bigg Boss’ makes the revelation.