Bigg Boss 10: Priyanka Jagga slaps case against Gautam Arora

The first evicted contestant of ‘Bigg Boss 10’ Priyanka Jagga has filed defamation case against her alleged boyfriend Gautam Arora. Gautam has made shocking revelation against Priyanka. He said that Priyanka was separated from her husband Timothy Muise since the last three years or so.

Social media is flooded with picture of Priyanka with Timothy. He says, "Priyanka has been separated from her husband for three to four years. He moved abroad leaving her behind with the kids." When asked for whom she observed karwa chauth inside the house, he says, "Someone should ask her for whom was she keeping it."

Arora continues, "I met her at the launch of Asom Club in Dwarka. We dated for four to five months. I left her as I did not like her partying ways. She was only after money. Moreover, she had many other friends."

Further he went to say Priyanka can do anything for money. He says, "She can do anything for money. Obviously, she did not know anyone in the industry and took my help in giving the auditions."

He further says she is neither a struggling actress nor she is a marketing consultant by profession. She lied about her profession. "Some of her profiles on social media read 'actor' and that is totally untrue," he insists.

Now that Priyanka Jagga is eliminated, she has decided to move to court to file a suit against Gautam for all the false allegations.

When she was asked about DJ Gautam Arora and his allegation to have dated her, she said, "He just has one photo with me. And he has been claiming to be my boyfriend just by showing that one picture to the entire world. And he will definitely pay for attacking my character because I am filing a defamation suit against him.”