Bigg Boss 10: Priyanka Jagga pees in her pants to win horse task

Celebrity contestants continued to remain ‘sevaks’ as they could not make the maximum correct guesses of the secrets of commoners ‘maliks’, and lost the luxury budget task. But Bigg Boss offered them another chance to turn the tables and become ‘maliks’ on day five of the show.

The ‘maliks’ were not supposed to do any household chores, but they broke the rules by cooking food. As a punishment, Bigg Boss announced the horse task, in which two contestants from each team have to ride on a toy horse until one of the team quits the task.

VJ Bani and Gaurav Chopra participate on the behalf of ‘sevaks’, while Priyanka Jagga and Navin Prakash take part from ‘Maliks’ side. They were also required to drink a glass of water whenever an alarm of horse’s neigh was played in course of the task.

By drinking water at every alarm, the participants are unable to control their bladder. Bani discusses with Karan Mehra whether she can pee on the national television or not. Karan asks Gaurav about this and he says that anyone should not keep his image or reputation at stake just for winning a task. Bani quits the task saying that she can’t pee on national television.

Priyanka sarcastically asks if she meant that the common man will readily do this on national television. Priyanka refuses to quit and urinates in her pants sitting on the horse in front of all the contestants. Eventually, Navin and Gaurav quit the task making Priyanka the winner.

As the winner, Priyanka gets a special right of releasing one person from the prison. She releases Om Swami from the prison who blesses her by calling her ‘Devi’.