Bigg Boss 10: Om Swami touches Sunny Leone improperly

Om Swami continues to flirt with women. The latest one who has fallen prey of Om Swami’s disgusting nature is the special guest of the house, Sunny Leone. Repeatedly, Om Swami has touched Sunny inappropriately. His incorrect behaviour was noticed by contestants Bani J, Nitibha Kaul and Lopamudra Raut jointly and they rebuked Om Swami for touching Sunny badly after she left the house.

Om ji hugged Sunny Leone several times while other contestants just shook her hands. When the female contestants vented their anger, Om Swami in his defense said that he has not touched Sunny with wrong intentions.

Not only Om Swami but Manu also used derogatory word for the ‘Jism 2’ actress. While enacting the reprised version of yesteryears blockbuster ‘Sholay’ where Manu played Veeru, he called Sunny his 'maal'. Sunny did not react but Bani scolded Manu and warned him against wrong usage of word for woman.

Sunny Leone, the former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant had a great time with the participants. She played game with them in which she had given the contestants a big task and the task decided which team will be free from eviction this week. The winning team would be safe from evictions while the losing team will be nominated for elimination this week.