Bigg Boss 10: Newly married Mona Lisa evicted from the house

Mona Lisa, who recently got married to her boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot inside the house was eliminated from the show. Three days after getting married to beau, she was voted out. The Bhojpuri actress was nominated along with Rohan Mehra and Bani. She received less numbers of votes compared to Rohan and Bani.

When Rohan's team lost the task, Bani, Rohan and Mona Lisa were nominated. Mona Lisa survived in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house for 14 weeks. The actress at first dissociated herself from the show but when she made friendship with Manu and Manveer and formed the M3 group, she involved herself on the show and took part in the tasks, fights and other activities in the house.

However, during her stay in the house beau Vikrant expressed his displeasure over her growing friendship with Manu.

The actress was happy with the decision of the channel and she happily walked out. All the contestants gave her a warm exit.

Mona Lisa had a wonderful stay in the house and went back with lots of memories.