Bigg Boss 10: Commoners' secrets to be revealed in luxury budget task

Bigg Boss 10’ will reveal the deep secrets of the commoner contestants through the first luxury budget task of the season. On the second day of the show, Bigg Boss announced that the celebrity contestants, who are currently the ‘sevaks’, will be told the secrets of commoners and they have to guess the person to whom the secret belongs.

In a preview clip, the commoners were shown writing down their secrets on a piece of paper and putting it inside a bottle, before entering the house. And the reward will be that if the ‘sevaks’ make maximum correct guesses, there will be a role reversal and the ‘sevaks’ will become ‘maliks’ and vice versa.   

The first secret was about Akansha Sharma. The celebrity contestants were called into a room and were shown a riddle which held her secret. The estranged wife of cricketer Yuvraj’s Singh’s younger brother Zorawar, had walked out of her marriage allegedly because of her mother-in-law.

The ‘sevaks’ were able to make the correct guess, the reason being Akansha had spoken about her bad marriage on the premiere of the show. Celebrity contestant Karan Mehra was also present on stage with her at that time.

However, Swami Omji irked her with his comment that “aam logon mei ghulami ki DNA hai..(common people have slavery in their DNA).” Akansha lashed out at him saying that he should not comment on matters he doesn’t know about and that he is ‘guruji’ in his home.  

Earlier, Omji also openly threatened Lopamudra Raut who snapped at him saying he cannot boss around people and that she has lost all respect for him. Omji also warns Gaurav Chopra that Akansha is trying to woo him.

Later, Bigg Boss calls Omji in the confession room and tells him that he should abstain from speaking about certain things on the show.