Bigg Boss 10: Akanksha says Yuvraj Singh took drugs

Bigg Boss 10’ commoner contestant Akansha Sharma created quite a stir when she revealed that she is the estranged sister-in-law of cricketer Yuvraj Singh. She got eliminated on the second week of the show, and has come out with more shocking facts about the all-rounder as well as her failed marriage.

Akanksha, who was married to Yuvraj Singh’s younger brother Zorawar, has revealed that the cricketer used to smoke marijuana. She alleged that Yuvraj had told her that “he used to smoke pot.”

Speaking about the allegations of substance abuse levelled against her mother-in-law Shabnam Singh, Akansha told Bollywood Life, “As far as substance abuse goes, it was there in their family too. Whatever I did was with them. I smoked pot with my husband. Yuvi also told me he smoked pot. It is a very common thing in the industry. My mother-in-law now needs to say something to justify herself.”

She also revealed that her mother-in-law forced her to have sex with her husband. “Just because you are married, you don't have to have sex immediately. You have to build a comfort level first. But, I was forced into it. She kept saying that if I want financial freedom, I will have to have sex. I'd rather become a prostitute, right? Maybe, she wanted to tie me down by getting me impregnated,” Akansha was quoted as say by Mid-day.

She also said that despite her in-laws having four cooks, her mother-in-law wanted her to stay in the kitchen whole day. “We had four cooks, but still, I was expected to cook. I was not allowed to go out, shop or even drive the car. She followed me everywhere, including on our honeymoon,” she said.

Akansha said that Zorawar does nothing for a living and the entire family survives on Yuvi’s money. she claimed her husband was a puppet in his mother’s hand and whenever, they would go out, his mother used to drop them or send her PA along with them.

Talking about her marriage, Akanksha said that it wasn’t marriage in the proper sense and there was not emotional or physical connect between her and her husband. “I was married only in paper. There was nothing in that relationship,” she said.

Akanksha had left her husband’s house four months after their marriage. The couple has been estranged for nearly two-and-half years. They are yet to obtain a divorce legally.