Big trouble: Sanjay Dutt might go to jail again

High court questions early release of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt in 1993 bomb blast case to Maharashtra Government. High Court has given 14 days time to submit report on what basis the actor was released eight months early before he completes his jail term. The court asked the Govt to submit report within two weeks, explaining the criteria of good behaviour applied to Sanjay Dutt for early release.

The Maharashtra Government said on Thursday that they have no objection in sending the actor back to jail if they feel that rules had been violated in granting him parole or furlough.

The petitioner in the case, Nitin Shivram Satpute, told  “Advocate General (AG) had filed a summary in the court about the discrepancies that they found in Sanjay Dutt’s case, where both applications for Parole and Furlough both were accepted by the State. This is unacceptable as at a time just one application can be approved by the State. But the state had considered both. Also the court has asked the State to explain their criteria of good behavior on the basis of which Sanjay Dutt was given early release. They have to file the complete explanation of the reasons for granting the frequent paroles and furlough and remission to Dutt within 2 weeks. The Advocate General (AG) further added that if they find that their have been any discrepancies and realise that rules have been flouted by the state in Sanjay Dutt’s case then they will send Sanjay back to the jail.”

On June 12, a division bench of justices RM Sawant and Sadhana Jadhav placed a PIL against Dutt’s early release, it said, “Was the DIG, Prisons, consulted or did the jail superintendent directly send his recommendation to the governor? Also, how did the authorities assess that Dutt’s conduct was good? When did they get the time to make such assessment when he was out on parole half the time?”

Meanwhile, Omung Kumar, the director of Sanjay’s upcoming film ‘Bhoomi’ refused to comment on the issue.