BIG Music releases the music of “BAABARR”

BIG Music has released the soundtrack of ‘Baabarr’; a Ridhi Sidhi Films’ production, directed by Ashu Trikha. ‘BAABARR’ is an intense drama featuring newcomer Soham Shah in the lead role as Baabarr. Urvashi Sharma plays the leading lady and stalwarts like Mithun Chakraborty, Om Puri, Sushant Singh and Shakti Kapoor form the strong acting ensemble. The movie centres on the protagonist (Soham Shah), an anti-hero who kills his prey with no mercy and the journey of the police officer investigating his case.

Baabaar is a film noir, shot at realistic locations in Lucknow. The grungy look of the city’s by-lanes and skyline of UP add to the character of the film. This dark film is intricately layered and looks not only into the life of a criminal but attempts to delve into the concept of ‘CRIME’ and areas where Crime is nurtured. A parallel world, that coexists with ours. A world our society dreads, where corruption excels, which the politicians exploit and where the honest succumb. Unfortunate but true!

Anand Raaj Anand has composed the music and penned the lyrics for this multi-hued album which is woven around Baabarr’s life and surroundings. The soundtrack comprises 5 songs and a resounding instrumental theme.

Maula Yeh Bataa’, is a conversation-with-the-lord song that has impassioned vocals by Anand Raaj Anand and Rahul Sharma. This song narrates how a human being seeks to fulfil his desires, undertakes ruthless paths to achieve those ambitions and gets trapped in subsequent emotional predicaments.

The title track ‘Baabarr’ is an ode to the villainous protagonist and the dread he has created in the world he thrives in. Rendered in Sukhwinder Singh’s hallmark rich and strong baritone, it creates the precise and harsh imagery of the villain’s psyche and behaviour.

‘Baje Raat Ke Baarah’ fills the ‘item-song’ role in the album. Sunidhi Chauhan’s saucy vocals for impish lyrics like “Ishq jage to aa jaiyo, jab baje raat ke baarah”, portray the dancing girl’s experience.

‘Pagal Manva’ is a poignant thumri sung by Raka Mukherji that expresses a woman’s feelings and how her love is not reciprocated by her lover.

The Baabarr Theme is composed by Sunil Singh and contains a strong melody. The album ends with a soothing Unplugged version of ‘Maula Yeh Bataa’.

Suniel S. Saini, Co-producer - Ridhi Sidhi Films, says, “We are pleased to partner BIG Music for our first production and sure that they will take Baabarr’s music to the masses. Anand Raaj Anand has delivered  soulful tunes in an emotional action thriller and I am sure audiences will appreciate the soundtrack.”

According to Kulmeet Makkar, CEO, BIG Music & Home Entertainment, “Baabarr’s music is powerful and in synergy with the movie’s theme and storyline. Maula Yeh Bataa is an outstanding composition and everybody can relate to the lyrics that beautifully convey life’s dilemmas.”

BIG Music has planned a slew of activities for marketing to promote the music, including special tie-ups with telecom and radio partners across cities.

Audio CDs and Cassettes are available across all major retail and online stores.

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