SECRET IS OUT: Suzanne Khan secretly dating Arjun Rampal

The big secret is finally out. The name of the rumoured man who is said to be dating Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Suzanne Khan finally exposed. The man in question is none other than the Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal. 9xe made the sensational revelation that the man who is dating Suzanne is Arjun Rampal. The duo who is maintaining a dignified silence about their relationship and keeping a low profile is slowly taking the risk of exposing their relationship in public. Recently, they stepped out together and spotted spending quality time at a coffee shop in Juhu, Mumbai.

When the rumoured couple entered the coffee shop, the shop was not crowded; there were barely few people around. They took their seats and engrossed in a deep conversation. But gradually people started making movement. When Arjun and Suzanne realized that crowd are increasing, they quickly made a move. Some of the onlookers even tried to capture them together but Suzanne and Arjun quickly left the spot.

An eyewitness told 9xe, “They got extremely uncomfortable with the public attention and fled in Sussanne’s car. Arjun’s SUV followed them behind.”

Since the inception when Suzanne broke-up with her husband of 14 years Hrithik Roshan, Arjun Rampal was cited to be the reason of their separation. Then both Arjun and Suzanne took to social media to slam the media report and clarified the stance that they are just "best friends" and nothing is brewing between them. The rumor calmed out post their declaration but failed to die down.

The report of Arjun and Suzanne’s relationship again cropped up when Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jessia’s troubled married life was surfaced. It was reported that due to Arjun and Suzanne’s relationship, Mehr took the stance to legally separate from Arjun. However, Arjun Rampal slammed the report and vented his anger on media for wrongly spreading false news.

Off late, Suzanne hit the headlines for her secret relationship with Hrithik’s close buddy and speculated marriage on the cards. Highly miffed with media report, Suzanne’s mother Zarine Khan in an interview strongly denied the news and Arjun Rampal also spoke in Suzanne's defend. Zarine Khan in an interview said that nothing is happening of that sort and her daughter Suzanne is single and single handedly maintaining her business and taking care of her two children.

Well, there is no smoke without fire and something is definitely being cooking up between Arjun and Suzanne which the duo refused to make it public at the moment. The couple might be waiting for the right moment because Suzanne is a free bird but Arjun is yet to get legally separated from his wife Mehr Jessia. It is also said that the couple has file for divorced at Bandra family court.