Big fat Bollywood weddings of 2011

Celebs with their gorgeous yet outrageous ways are there to startle one and all. Be it in matters of matrimony or that of dating, their unique styling and mode of offering is what separates them from you and me. Wedding bells are always special, making for a wide unleash of joy and revelry. But it takes on an added glow with celebs tying the knot.

1. Avantika and Imran Khan
Imran Khan and Avantika




















The darling nephew of Aamir- the perfectionist; settled down to the peaceful bonds of matrimony when he and his love interest Avantika chose to be man and wife in the latter’s family farmhouse. Ceremonial and legal marriage was followed up by a grand bash hosted by the doting maternal uncle.

2. Meena and Vidyasagar
Meena and Vidyasagar



















One of the raving beauties of the southern filmdom Meena had her nuptial solemnized with a Karnataka based software professional.

3. Kim Sharma and Ali Punjani:
Kim Sharma and Ali Punjani











To go by the latest whiffs, Kim Sharma had her nuptials secretly conducted in the sheltered domain of Kenya. The hot actress had her vows exchanged with a Mombasa based businessman. The closely guarded ceremony took place in Mombasa.

4 Anurag and Kalki:
Anurag and Kalki















Director Anurag Kashyap embraced the choicest vows of matrimony when he married his long time date Kalki Koechlin. The privately held ceremony was held in Ooty to the chanting of holy hymns. The traditional nuptial binding the couple took place in Kalhatty. The couple was seen donning the typical Tamil attire.

5 Lara and Mahesh:
Lara and Mahesh









Having seen each other over a long period of time, the tennis ace finally was united to his date from Bollywood. The ceremony blended glitz and glamour as the duo confined themselves to the loving bonds of

6. Neelam and Sameer
Neelam and Sameer








The year heralded the marriage of actress cum jewelry designer Neelam Kothari. With Neelam’s marriage to her latest find- Sameer Soni; stars and starlets were seen making beeline to the plush five star resorts hosting the grand event.  

7. Celina and Peter Hag
Celina and Peter











To the surprise of all and sundry; Celina tweeted about her wedding vows towards the end of August. To go by the Bollywood heartthrob- the couple had exchanged the cherished vows of matrimony in a monastery in Austria. Celina’s husband happens to be an hotelier based in Dubai. Engaged to Peter in 2010, her marriage was always on the cards.  The couple was supposed to get married in September. It seems that the suddenness of the event way ahead in July was compelled by a personal tragedy.