Big bucks can never lure me: Shah Rukh Khan

<a href='//' title='Shahrukh Khan' class='article_display_tag' data-id='shahrukh-khan' id='article_tag_data_shahrukh-khan' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Shahrukh Khan</strong></a>: Kal ho naa ho, yet another hit!Kal Ho Naa Ho , Shah Rukh Khan will always be the evergreen hero. He’s back with a bang after his back surgery. And yet again, he proves himself with another hit...Do u think he will walk away with the hard earned, glorious award at the end of the year? Let's see...and for the time being, enjoy another great interview of the Baadshah of bollywood!
Markets are buzzing once again as this is your first release after the operation —-do you feel you are India ’s superstar?
Well, it’s certainly my first release after the operation. I shot for this film after the big O. Everything feels the same. I’m as excited as always. Superstar? I like the ring to that. But I’m not sure what it means. Yeah, I’m a big hero after 13 years. Being a big hero also means having K3G , Devdas , Chalte Chalte and Kal Ho Na Ho back to back. I’m glad my films have worked. When the sms pour in for Kal Ho Naa Ho , I’m also asked about my next film Main Hoon Naa . That’s daunting. It means I’ll have to do better next time around. There’s no respite. It’s like a ferries-wheel ride. You have to go on and on and on.

Have you got tired of playing the candy floss hero?
Would you call Devdas candyfloss? Was Asoka candyfloss? Like the word superstar, candyfloss is another label which some so-called experts have ascribed to me. A rose is still a rose by any other name.

Don’t you want to be part of the new experimental cinema taking place now?
Every film is an experiment until the Friday it’s released. And at the risk of sounding pompous, if someone wants me to be a part of their experimental cinema, they’ll have to approach me. I don’t want to be a part of any self-conscious cinema being bandied about as experimental or cross-over cinema. Thank you, but no thank you.

Do you feel superstar rates are too high and need to be brought down to a realistic level?
I come very cheap. I can be bought for anything-product endorsements, dancing at weddings anything. But what I won’t be bought for is my films, for my acting. There the big bucks can never lure me. By the way, you should speak to my producers; I’m one of the most economical heroes going.

There was talk of you campaigning for BJP. What happened to it ?
That’s a whole load of bull- shit. I have never thought of politics, never been approached and I’ll never do it.

Which party would you campaign for and why?
I’m apolitical. I don’t understand politics too well. I won’t dabble in something that I know nothing about. Moreover I’m a better actor on screen than off it.