Big Boss' family welcomes Jr Bachchan

The junior Bachchan received a heartwarming welcome when he entered the Bigg Boss house on Friday morning as a surprise guest. The family members were not expecting such a great surprise from Bigg Boss and thrilled to see Abhishek Bachchan.

Abhi shares his experience of Bigg Boss in the following words, "It's intimidating, even though I was going in for a short span of time, it was a bit scary to think about it and entire respect to the contestants who are playing the game right now. All are so hospitable. They gave me tea and took good care of me. So I didn't get the time to feel what it was like, but it was a normal house. I didn't feel if the cameras were on."

Apart from other discussions, the house members enquired Abhi about his upcoming film Drona. They expressed their inquisitiveness to know about the film but Abhi did not disclose anything as the film is yet to hit the theatres but he gifted the house members Drona's merchandise, t-shirts, sword.

Rahul Mahajan is Abhi’s favorite and he feels that Rahul has the bright chance of winning the game as he is very entertaining and playing the game correctly.