‘Big Boss 7’: Sofia Hayat to boycott grand finale

British singer and actress Sofia Hayat who was in the news recently for filing a police case against contestant Armaan Kohli of ‘Bigg Boss 7’, has decided to boycott the grand finale episode of the show.

It is learnt that Sofia is extremely miffed as Armaan Kohli got a bail within a day and he again returned to ‘Bigg Boss’. For those who joined late, Sofia was also one of the contestants at ‘Bigg Boss’. She had an altercation with Armaan. Both did not gel at all inside the house. Once the verbal spat between the two went to the extent that an angry Armaan, hit her with a mop. Following this, as soon as Sofia got evicted from the house, she approached police station and filed a complaint against Armaan Kohli for physically assaulting her. When the police saw the video footage, they also included sexual assault charges on him. Sofia said, “I filed a complaint against Armaan under three sections, but when the police itself saw the footage, they themselves registered the complaint under two more sections.” Sofia further said, “Police added sexual assault to the case... I didn’t.”

After this, the Lonavala police arrested Armaan from ‘Bigg Boss’. But the next day he got released on bail. This angered Sofia.

Sofia said, “I am not happy with Armaan getting bail so quickly. I don’t know why he got free so quickly. My lawyer is looking into it. My point is that if police registered the complaint after seeing the footage and the valid proof, then how did they release Armaan so quickly? I just don’t understand it.”

Sofia is so unhappy with Armaan’s bail that she has decided to give a miss to the grand finale episode of ‘Bigg Boss’.

Sofia entered the game as a wild card entry. She was not present in the game from the first day. Only four days are left for the grand finale of ‘Bigg Boss’.

When Sofia was asked whom she wants to see as a winner, she immediately took Gauhar Khan’s name. She said that she is fond of the model turned actress. Sofia said, “I want Gauahar (to win the show “Bigg Boss”). I love her.” She also added, “She is a good friend of mine. She is very good at heart. I really miss her a lot. I really love her. Please vote for Gauahar. She has to win this show.”