Bigg Boss 7: Kushal Tandon to re-enter with Payal Rohatgi

Small screen actor Kushal Tandon who was asked to leave the show by Bigg Boss after his bad conduct will re-enter the house with last season contestant, actress Payal Rohatgi. Undoubtedly, the happiest in the house to see Kushal will be his alleged girlfriend Gauhar Khan. Gauhar left the house with Kushal but after the channel request, she came back.

Gauhar has been missing Kushal very badly in the house and anytime she was seen shedding tears for Kushal. Kushal Tandon is expected to return on Wednesday episode.

Bigg Boss has found an interesting task when Kushal will enter, the task is named ‘Freeze Task’. The housemates are unknown about Kushal Tandon;’s entry and when he will enter, they will be in the freeze position and won’t be able to move from their place or react to the situation. The channel also approached Armaan Kohli’s girlfriend Tanya Singh for the show but she refused.

It was also reported that Salman Khan is not in favour of Kushal’s entry and the channel is having a tough time in convincing the superstar.

A source says, “The channel and the production team is constantly in touch with Salman to convince him to get Kushal back. So far their efforts have been in vain. The unit will discuss it again with Salman and see if he has changed his mind when he comes back to shoot for the show.”

Adds the source, “Kushal had a meeting with the channel recently to discuss his re-entry in the show. He is keen to get back and ready to go in without any pre-conditions. Earlier, he had felt that he was being targetted and Salman was being soft on the other contestants, but now he’s even ready to take back his words.”