Big B Vs Aamir: Clashes of the two titans at the box office

Two gigantic stars of Bollywood would clash one another at the box office on the 1st of July. Big B’s ‘Bbuddha Hoga Tera Baap’ and Aamir’s ‘Delhi Belly’ will together release this Friday. Though both these films are categorically different, ‘BHTB’ is for every age groups but Aamir’s ‘DB’ is only for adult watch, the stars are keeping their fingers crossed for the success.

Both Aamir and Big B have marketed their film in their own way. Aamir even turns item boy for the film and Amitabh will also be seen doing some funny movements. The expectations of both the actors on their respective movies are high.

Let’s see which film garners maximum audience and scores high in the box office.