Big B speaks about his wife Jaya Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan reveals that Jaya and his working process is bit difference. She chooses projects which she feels is close to her heart and equally challenging. She does not look after the budget of the film but looks that it delivers a strong social message.

She also looks after the comfort level. She wants a homely environment on the set. "She must also have a connect with the (film)maker. There must be an area of level thought and feel. She will look for a quality that endears her to him or her personally. It is not all about work and profession, it`s about whether she will be able to build a relation. The production or the set becomes her home then," Big B posted on his blog.

She mingles well with her filmmaker and co-stars. "She will look at it with individual and personal interest. If the surroundings are not clean she will clean it, point out irregularities that do not suit or agree with her aesthetics. Crew and colleagues become her friends. She will sit with them in the make-up room, not necessarily to discuss the next shot or scene or to be learning her lines but, to chat informally, as if at home," he wrote.

He pointed out the difference between him and his wife, "I, on the other hand, find myself quite the other. Got a job to do, get out there, give it the desired input and out. No interference in the others or other. No business of mine. Pack your bags after the day is over and homeward bound. Yes whenever there is an approach for a personal moment from the other, indulge I must and do. But never the initiator," he posted.

"Two rather opposite qualities and each with their very definite presence and importance. The former endearing and affectionate, the latter distant and aloof," he added.