Big B signs France project

International project is nothing a big deal for legendry actor like Amitabh Bachchan. For a long time, Hollywood makers were deliberately looking for his approval but it was Mr. Bachchan who kept it pending for long time as the projects that were coming his way was not so promising. He wishes to work in a project that excites him. Ultimately it came from the makers of the Oscar winning documentary, March of the Pengui. When director Luc Jacquet approached him with the script, Big B touched by the storyline and agreed to be part of the Hollywood project.

"The film will be in English. It'll be set in India and France. Perhaps work starts end of next year. That is all that one can talk of right now,” Amitabh wrote on his blog. His Hollywood journey does not end up here; Paul Schrader the writer of Hollywood films Taxi Driver and Raging Bull also approached Amitabh for his new flick. “I shall need to see the script before I consider any further,” he wrote

Amitabh Bachchan, who is in France with wife Jaya quips about his Hollywood project.