Big B signs an autograph for Shahrukh

More than a sinister happening, this incident highlight the respect and good vibes the artists of Bollywood share amongst themselves. As the senior Don is none other than our very own Amitabh Bachchan and the junior Don 2denotes Shah Rukh Khan. Amitabh did the original movie ‘Don’ in the year 1978. It was directed by the eminent director, Chandra Barot. The movie was a big hit of that time and it acquired a cult status among the Hindi movie buffs. The Big-B acted in the role of the Don and his every move in the film became a style statement that was copied by generations.

Undoubtedly, this charisma and legend attached with the film have inspired Farhan Akhtar to create two more movies on ‘Don’. The first one ‘Don: The Chase Begins Again’ released in 2006 and starred Shah Rukh Khan as the new Don. The movie received overwhelming response and its success inspired the next movie ‘Don 2: The Chase Continues’ to come out in 2011. Shah Rukh was accepted by the mass as the next Don of Bollywood.

Therefore, it was an interesting moment when two of the most successful actors met each other and talked about the legendary character of the ‘Don’.

Amitabh Bachchan posted in has Facebook account, "ShahRukh asks me to sign a poster of 'DON' for him". Big-B also posted the photo of himself putting the signature on the poster of Don while the Badshah looked on patiently. Hats off to Shah Rukh Khan, he knows how to show respect to the elders of the tinsel town. It is this very humane gesture of Shah Rukh that makes him an idol for millions of his ardent fans. We wonder if we could ever see both the actors acting in a sequel of ‘Don’. That certainly is an interesting idea.

The two actors met during a photo shoot for a magazine, as Big-B wrote in his Facebook account, "Fooling around before the shoot with ShahRukh". The accompanying photo with the comments show both of them enjoying a light moment together. Both looked stunning in their black suits. Amitabh particularly looked gorgeous with the red lining of his suit while the wet gelled hair look on King Khan was magnificent. According to the grapevines we hear that the two actors will be soon working together in a film which is going to be directed by R Balki.