Big B lashes out at media over Delhi rape case

Actor Amitabh Bachchan seemed to be extremely angry with the media, as the girl who was victim to a gang rape in Delhi has been shifted from India in order to get better treatment. Bachchan feels disheartened and said that media has lost all humanity while issuing BREAKING NEWS for the public. He has been extremely unhappy the way the media fights to cover major issues in the name of public interest. The way the media acted, fighting for scoops while the patient of the Delhi gang rape case was being shifted to another location in an ambulance, was shocking.

 Bachchan recalls the day when he had suffered from a heart attack and needed immediate medical attention. The media had apparently blocked the gate of the ambulance in order to capture the moment. It took about 20 minutes for Bachchan’s family and doctors to get him out. Inside Bachchan was suffering terribly in pain waiting for the time when he would be given some medical attention. Another surprising moment was when a journalist entered the ICU where Bachchan was. She had somehow managed to dress as a doctor and started sending live information about Bachchan’s condition. She had vehemently proclaimed that she had just met the great Amitabh Bachchan. Ethics have been thrown away to the gutter, that’s what the actor feels. Under the Constitutional Journal of Medical Ethics, the privacy of the patient holds an important position. But the media does not pay any heed to the condition of the patient.

 Bachchan has also felt bad for the girl, who was the victim of the rape. The incident took place in Delhi. Six men gang raped a 23 year old girl on 16thDecember. After she was raped, the men beat her and her companion severely and finally threw them out of the bus. This incident moved every Indian. Nobody could have thought that such an incident would take place in the capital of the country. The accused have all been arrested. The entire nation is protesting, asking them to be severely punished.

 Bachchan has commented about the actions of the media on several occasions. He feels that the media people have lost their hearts. While the nation is protesting against the ways of the  government, and get beaten and assaulted by the police, certain group of editors sit on their workstations choosing the right shots and music t make that their presentation dynamic. It is ironical but true.