Big B gets inspiration from his grandchildren

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan is portraying a 12-year-old progeric in 'Paa'. He does all those activities which are basically performed by small children and Big B says that he gets most of those inspirations from his grandchildren as how to enact the role of a child.

 'A lot of prosthetics went into making me look like a 12-year-old in 'Paa'. I did try to watch kids and took a little bit of hints from my own kids' childhood, but I took most from my grandchildren. They were quite an inspiration for me for 'Paa',' said Amitabh.

This 67 yr old actor is playing a child suffering from progeria, a rare disease which causes premature ageing among children. ‘Paa’ has been directed by R. Balakrishnan, the man who directed ‘Cheeni Kum’. The film also has Abhishek Bachchan playing the role of Amitabh’s father.